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Levels of Heavy Lifting

Level Definition Examples
SOURCING The passive or active attraction of Entrepreneurs and Technology. Usually providing networking events, some local resources. Software Development Forum (San Jose), CED (North Carolina); NCET2
SCREENING (Includes Sourcing) This is the level of "Heavy Lifting" where entrepreneurs and their plans are reviewed by a third party or third party group and the entrepreneur is "accepted" to participate in a variety of programs or opportunities. Screening can occur in the Academic world through Business Plan competitions. University & Federal Tech Transfer, TechCrunch Demo, Business Plan competitions, Research Parks, Creative Commons/GreenXchange.
MENTORING (includes Sourcing & Screening) An "acceptance" situation where many apply but only a few are selected. Short term advice providing limited contact and services to the Entrepreneur. Meant to offer answers through mentors or advisors or through crowdsource sessions within the mentored group. Kauffman FastTrac, TiE. Seed Money mentor program such as Y Combinator, TechStars, Founders Institute.
INCUBATION (includes Sourcing, Screening & Mentoring) An "acceptance" situation where many apply but only a few are selected. Physical & some virtual possible. Long term (up to 2 years.) "Open Door" personal guidance and mentoring. Team building, internal and external resources. For-Profit & Non-Profit. Private / Public Sectors. National Business Incubation Assoc., University Incubators
ANGEL (includes Sourcing, Screening & Mentoring) First 3rd Party funding from registered investor(s) / Angel(s), Angel Group(s). Must include equity and not just loans. Enough funding for the Sponsored Company to reach an appropriate "traction" level for VC funding. Traction is determined by what variables the VC uses — B2C traction can include users, registrations, etc. B2B traction can include validation partners, customers, revenue, etc. The Angel level of Heavy Lifting is a hybrid level in that the Angel is both a Buyer of Seed/Startup companies and a Seller of Seed/Startup companies to other Angels and the VC level. Angel Capital Assoc., SVASE, Village Ventures Network.

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